Get Ready For Coronavirus - COVID-19

Coronavirus detail
Electron micrograph of two coronaviruses by Dr Graham Beards, source Wikipedia - CC BY-SA 4.0
Person washing hands for Coronavirus
Photo by Kelly Sikkema, source Unsplash

List with all the essentials (and the not so much) items and must have's for Coronavirus - COVID-19

Essentials to prevent and keep on point

This is the list with all the essentials to tackle Coronavirus

1. Face Masks

Face Masks will help you not to get the Coronavirus and protect others if you are already infected. You can get a cheap one, or go to full paranoid and use it later for your secret lab.

3. Protective Gloves

Easies way to avoid contact when sharing the lockdown with a positive case of Coronavirus. Don't touch your face after!